John and Laura Ramsey are familiar faces to television home shopping audiences in the United States, Great Britain, and Canada.  Their educational style of bringing information to the audience found immediate success with their viewers. Through being honest and informational with the audience their program grew quickly. With this unique approach the Ramsey’s are dedicated to enhancing the jewelry and gem collectors experience.

Offering super high quality gems, gemstone jewelry and diamond jewelry on television was a pioneering effort on the part of the Ramseys and counter to the established thinking in the industry. However, the popularity of their fine gems and gemstone jewelry led to hundreds of millions of dollars in sales in three countries. Laura Ramsey’s design aesthetic was overwhelmingly well received by the customer and was a fresh look to the jewelry world and to TV home shopping.

With their expertise in the field of gems and jewelry the Ramseys blend
exotic gems into unique jewelry pieces.
Their world class jewelry has always been a product of Mr. Ramsey’s expertise in gemstones and Mrs. Ramsey’s talent for design.

Educating clients has always been a passion of the Ramseys. While most people love and appreciate gems most people also need some help in learning about gems. This has been a big part of the long-term customer loyalty that the Ramseys inspire.

Gems cut by Mr. Ramsey are part of the collection in all of the most important museums in North America including: The Smithsonian Institution, The American Museum of Natural History, Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History, The Canadian National Museum, The Royal Ontario Museum, The Riveredge Foundation, Calgary and others.

From their very beginning in business the Ramseys developed a “business-through-education” philosophy. A well informed customer is a happy customer. Early writing about gems in trade journals led to the writing of 3 gem centric books. Introduction of the Gem Collector’s Handbook on television was so popular that it crashed the TV network’s order system.

The Ramsey’s insistence on quality and fair dealing has brought about customer and supplier loyalty spanning back to the beginning of their business. “We’re still doing business with our original customers and suppliers going back to the first years of opening our door for business” the Ramsey’s are happy to report.

Before appearing on television the Ramseys spent 20 years in the wholesale gem and jewelry trade traveling to the gem mining districts of the world: East Africa, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Brazil.