Laura Ramsey, Gems at Large

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Laura Ramsey is well known to home shopping audiences as a high end jewelry designer and television personality.

Laura Ramsey

For over 35 years, she has designed exclusive custom jewelry for private customers and celebrities, where her fresh design aesthetic and attention to detail can be artfully combined with her husband John Ramsey’s expertise in rare and exotic gemstones.

She and her husband are also the authors of three books on the world of gemstones and travel, including The Collector/Investor Handbook of Gems, The Gem Collector’s Handbook, and Gem Chronicles: The Early Years which are still sought and consulted by gem enthusiasts worldwide to this day.

Jewelry Designer, Artist, and Photographer

In addition to her recognized ability for jewelry design, Laura is a talented and imaginative artist who works in a variety of media, including watercolor (including “Garden of Irises” shown at left), drawing, and colored pencil illustrations.

She likewise has a passion and eye for photography. As a participant in her husband’s gem buying trips and gem and mineral tours to places such as Kenya, Brazil, and Asia, she has recorded their adventures with hundreds of photos, many of which are included in their books, as well as in jewelry trade magazines and other industry book publications.

To view more of Laura’s paintings and photographs, please visit her website

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