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The purchase has to be a final purchase of an item that you are not returning, or have not returned to us.  The item must be identical to the one you purchased in all respects, including the same item number or sku#.

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Gorgeous collection ... love how you've displayed your bags! Thanks for sharing pics! LV Bags

 LV Handbags OMG.... congrats.... one of my HG bags too...  

Louis Vuitton Monogram congrats

 Louis Vuitton Store I had the Sarah wallet in Amarante vernis for a couple of days.....but the fingerprints drove me INSANE!! I wanted a wallet I could pick up without worrying about it looking smudgy, so I returned it for the mono and I'm so happy I did. On the other hand, I have the cles in Pomme vernis and I use it constantly-it's held up nicely and always looks shiny (no prints). If you're anal about prints, don't get a dark color! 
Louis Vuitton Speedy Galliera! But I once saw a lady with an azur Berkeley and it was stunning!

LV SHOP They are the CUTEST....but for $375.00 if they were the same price as the affiche charms/key ring i would splurge on it.

 Louis Vuitton Luggage i used to dislike monogram (being so loud with LV screaming all over the place) but now im in love with it!!! gosh...i dunno why. its so beautiful and i love trivoli pm! wanting to get it ~~~ Ooh love items from this collection. Congrats! Louis Vuitton bags .